Now this theory also might have validity, but I will not support it for the time being because of what is happening on the ground. The Arab world was an Imperialist’s Jigsaw puzzle’s fantasy. You have dictators that not only suppressed their people intellectually, mentally, economically, but allowed powers to come in and sweep their resources and exploit their markets to be able to fully profit from the region. Every single nation in the Arab League was a victim of this setup, from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf.

The Dictators were not only subservient but they didn’t challenge authority, and even Non-Western Aligned regimes like Assad or Gaddafi for the most part did their job while appearing to be Anti-Imperialist for the sake of fawning opposition. When a Palestinian issue appeared, Arab regimes acted like they cared to appease their populations, but went on to purposefully lose wars or be agents of War to powers the West didn’t like(Like the Six Day War, or the Irani-Iraqi War where Saddam was a Western Agent). To isolate the Islamist element in society, they furthermore planted the AlQaeda boogeyman so that the Arab regimes and the West could witch-hunt anyone that acted relatively Muslim and Revolutionary.

It was a perfect setup, and if they got sick of the dictator, they’d install a Military coup to throw away the King(As in King Faisal’s case) or assassinate the leader altogether(Again in King Faisal’s Case). They didn’t need a full fledged revolution or civil war, and when they did, it was to destroy the country further or install Fitna between factions to distract from the mass robberies(Like the Iraqi Civil War). 

Now the Arab Spring COMPLETELY threw off this balance, not only are these Regimes fading away, but the West is dragging its feet to support any opposition in hopes that the Regime could just quash the opposition anyway(As in Libya’s case). When the West felt that they had no hope, they installed damage control agents to sway the country in their favor, as you can see in Egypt today, or even in Libya where Secularist movements are parading for Anti-Islamist slogans or even inciting civil war.

It’s a mess, but you have to understand what makes sense, and the end game, rather than believing every article you read on the internet. 

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