wakeupthedrones-deactivated2013 said: I read your feminist post. I consider feminism to be the equalization of woman and men on an economic and political platform, ex. getting paid the same wage in a certain occupation regardless of gender. Thats a problem we have in Canada. There are also different types of feminism, so keep that in mind. And regarding your 5th point, about "female writers", its simply giving women recognition in their study of art so I dont see any harm in it, but I completely see where you are coming from.

I was rather attacking the Superficial Westernized Feminists that focus their agendas on trying to attain “rights” and activities like Men rather than focusing on actual equality. They believe that being a man is the ultimate form of freedom and that there is absolutely no difference between a man and a woman. 

I have nooooo issue with a civil society giving scholarships for underrepresented minorities in certain fields. For example, as an engineer, women always get the upper hand in the industry due to their low numbers. However, if you want to start completely segregating certain skills and topics as “women” activities, that’s the issue, it breeds more sexism that way. 

2 years ago
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